You will be contacted by one of our team who will assess your needs and get back to you with a personal quotation as per your requirements.

You will be provided with a set of between 11-14 clubs. Each set contains a driver, 3/5 wood, 3/4 hybrid, irons 5/6 – SW, putter, bag.

Complimentary tees and pencil.

We will endeavour to help with any specific requests you have for your set for eg. If you need a left handed putter with right handed set, no problem.

Each client is responsible for their set for the duration of the hire. Prior to your arrival you will be sent a contract outlining what each set contains. We also require in advance ID and credit card information in case of any loss or breakages. Anything lost will be charged for at current retail rates and anything damaged will be assessed first of all before action is taken.  We offer additional insurance which starts at 10€ per set (depending on the category of club). By taking this out you are covered for breakages and some losses.

Important- This insurance only covers the breakage or sometimes loss to any individual clubs in the set.

*Your insurance cover will cover you for all breakages to the club, eg snapped shaft. All broken parts must be returned to us for repair.

*Loss of an individual club only up to the value of 100 euro with the insurance.

If any higher value clubs are lost or stolen then your insurance will cover up to 100 euros of its value.

eg, loss of a driver with a value of 300 euros, then 100 euros of its value will be covered by the insurance. the excess payment of 200 euros is then the responsibility of the customer to pay.

This insurance cover does not cover the loss of a full set of clubs should they be stolen. The full set of clubs and the bag is the full responsibility of the client when in their care. So, in this case the client would be asked to pay the full cost of the complete replacement set.

Charges are as follows (without insurance):

Basic/Classic Range Mid range/High end ranges
Driver : 150€ From: 195€
Fairway Wood: 95€ From: 125€
Hybrid: 75€ From: 110€
Irons: 40€ From: 85€
Putter: 40€ From 80€
Bag: 80€ From 150€
Full set: 850€ Full set from 1100€
Broken or damaged shafts shall be replaced by the same model or equivalent if it is no longer available.
All hoods/and or headcovers supplied with sets must be returned. Lost headcovers will be charged at 20€.